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January 17th, 2013

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Momonga Pinball Adventures is a pinball game for iPhone and iPad. Instead of regular pinball, Momonga has levels, enemies, and bossfights. The hero is Momo, a young momonga who barely survived an owl attack on his village. He joins forces with a friendly panda and an ambitious firefly, who help him to win back his tribe. Are you able to stop the owl general Kuton and restore balance to the world? It’s time to roll.


We started working on Momonga in January 2011. One of our developers had the idea of an "infinite pinball game", where you would be able to play endlessly through randomized pinball arenas. The prototype was so much fun that we decided to make it happen. The next two years, we worked on the game as a side project. The concept evolved from an "infinite" game to a level-based adventure game with a storyline and a host of characters.


  • Pinball with an action-adventure twist
  • Innovative, action-packed gameplay
  • Beautiful 3D visuals
  • 9 storyline levels, 3 bonus levels
  • Epic storyline with squirrels, pandas and owls
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Available for Android tablets and smartphones
  • Can you defeat General Kuton?


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Develop Conference Indie Showcase Nominee" Brighton, July 2013
    • "Game Connection Selected Projects Nominee" Paris, November 28, 2012

    Selected Articles

      • "You can mix pinball with anything and I’ll at least give it a taste; puzzles, role-playing, potato salad. Paladin Studios’ Momonga Pinball Adventurers for iOS and Android mixes silver ball mechanics with an epic world-spanning adventure. And the ball is a Japanese flying squirrel. Well I’m sold."
        - Mike Fahey, Kotaku
      • "Momonga Pinball Adventures seems like it has all the right pieces in place to be a game that we can’t wait to play. I love pinball in all forms, enjoy a good platformer, and I have a weakness for ridiculously cute things. Combine those elements and you’re essentially making a game that you’ll sell at least one copy of. To me."
        - Kevin Alexander, Gamezebo
      • "So happy! So colourful! So inventive! Check it out right now – although if you haven’t had a cup of coffee just yet, you might want to turn the volume down."
        - Christian Donlan, Hookshot Inc
      • "Yes, a game where a Japanese flying squirrel is injured by a pack of evil owls and then nursed to health by a panda does sound pretty crazy, but probably not any crazier than a plumber traversing a magical Mushroom Kingdom to save his Princess love interest from a weird fire breathing dinosaur/dragon/turtle thing. The zaniness of the premise actually suits the colorful, cartoonish world of Momonga Pinball Adventures, which you can check out in the following trailer."
        - Jared Nelson, Touch Arcade

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      Momonga Pinball Adventures Credits

      Derk de Geus
      Game design, story, music

      Niels van Egmond
      Game design, coding, artwork

      Yorick van Vliet
      Coding, game design

      Jimmy de Meza

      Guido Bergman
      Sound Effects

      Jens van de Water

      Peter Zijlstra
      Quality Assurance

      Lukas Hoenderdos

      Tijmen van den Heuvel

      Fabian van Dommelen
      Game design

      Tom van der Linden

      Tedo Sijses

      Tim Hengeveld
      Artwork, story

      Peter van der Spijk
      Quality Assurance

      Jack Marshall / Tofu Testing
      Quality Assurance

      Tom Pearce / Practical Music
      Sound direction

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