Creating great games is our passion. We love Unity, as it allows us to develop just about anything. However, if you are like us, you get frustrated at little things that mess up your workflow. We want to make games, not do the chores of dealing with tiny issues in the asset pipeline. So to make our workflow as easy as possible, we have created several tools that aim to save time and frustration, and that help us to simply get our stuff done. With the fresh Unity Asset Store, those tools are now at your fingertips. The result is Merlin: A set of magical tools for Unity. Get hardcore wizard engineering at your fingertips, for the price of that Xbox game that you shouldn’t be playing anyway.

Supercharge Your Prefab Workflow

Merlin's Prefab Lab

Ever had to update dynamic models linked with scripts and components? It is painful and tedious. Merlin’s Prefab Lab completely automates this process, which saves time and keeps you sane.

Never again waste time updating your prefabs.

Don’t let the cute graphics fool you: Prefab Lab is a state-of-the-art technical extension for Unity that does a lot of dirty work for you. We dig deep under the hood of the Unity asset postprocessor and fully automate your prefab workflow. Sounds too good to be true? Tell that to our artists, who work with it daily.

The Prefab Lab does 3 things:

  1. It makes prefabs for your models;
  2. When you update your models, it updates the prefabs without destroying their context;
  3. It keeps components and game objects linked to models.

Why We Use It Ourselves

Prefab Lab is a standard extension at Paladin. We use it for all our projects. In the past, we managed dynamic models by hand. Our artists spent a lot of time re-linking prefabs to their models – brainless work that kills creativity, takes time, and builds up frustration. We work a lot with temporary assets that we replace along the way, and our game’s quality suffered from replacing every model by hand. Prefab Lab now manages all our dynamic models – ranging from characters, cars, to any model that has particles, animations or scripts attached to it. We prototype with temporary models, add all the goodies, and update all models without having to think about all the components and Game Objects that would break down without Prefab Lab. We spent weeks developing Prefab Lab, but it was worth it. It keeps the peace between artists (who want to improve their art assets) and programmers (who don’t have the time to update all the links of 3D models with every little commit). It saves time for our own games. It saves time for our clients. And now it can save your time too :)

Automated Prefabulation

When you add a new model Asset to Prefab Lab’s Source folder, a Prefab will automatically be generated for it. This alone will save you clicks and time – but there’s more to it than that.

Automated Prefab Updates

This is the beauty of Prefab Lab: When you update your 3D model in an external modeling package, the managed Prefab and all of its instances in your scene will be synchronized automatically. Oh, and here’s another thing: Prefab lab keeps Parent / Child hierarchies and (Sub id-) Materials synchronized. Which basically means you don’t have to worry about model updates and figuring out what impact it has on your scene. Prefab Lab automatically analyzes your scene structure and updates it accordingly.

Keep your game objects linked to your models

Any Components added to a Prefab or instance will remain attached, even when the Prefab is updated. This is great for GameObjects that contain custom Scripts, Colliders, Animations or Particle Systems.

Extensive documentation

Prefab Lab is incredibly easy to use, but we nonetheless have written down everything you should know about working with it. Check it out here: Merlin’s Prefab Lab documentation

Available Now!

We believe Prefab Lab should have shipped with Unity in the first place. It didn’t, so we built it for you. Merlin’s Prefab Lab is available for $50 in the Asset Store. You can find it in the Extensions section. Get Prefab Lab now for $50 and get yourself some extra time off today.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know at or by mentioning @paladinstudios on Twitter.

Happy coding, and have fun! :)

Derk de Geus, CEO,
Paladin Studios