Jimmy Pataya is the ultimate extreme sports hero. Fearless and bold, Jimmy is always looking for new adventures, and this time he is jumping out of an airplane… without a parachute! On top of that, he is jumping straight into a devious device he lovingly nicknamed “The Grinder”.

Get ready for an instant adrenaline rush. Take the leap and use all your ninja reflexes to survive. Pataaayaaaah!


The game is simple: Tilt your device to avoid the obstacles and pick up stars. The longer you survive the higher your score – but stay alert, because there is an infinite number of combinations in The Grinder and they become harder as you go. Be on the lookout for these special items, because they give you an extra edge to stay in the game. It takes skill and a bit of luck to fetch them, so stay focussed.


A good sturdy helmet, Jimmy bought this one at a garage sale, just in case. Grab the Helmet to crash into blades and go straight through them. When you crash into a blade, you lose your helmet, so you can only use it once. Helmets are rare pickups, but essential for a high score.

Rocket Booster

The rocket booster TRIPLES your relative score while it’s activated. It also triples your speed, so you will need great skill to navigate in The Grinder. But have no fear – the rocket booster comes with a free helmet. If you crash into a blade while your rocket is activated, you lose the rocket and the helmet, but you’re still in the game.


The Superstar embodies everything Jimmy wants to be – a Superstar! Shiny and valuable, these bonus stars are tough to get, but give you an instant 100-point bonus.



  • Super smooth tilt-controls
  • Intense, fast-paced arcade action
  • Crisp 3D graphics
  • Exclusive drum n bass soundtrack (use your headphones!)
  • Full Tablet support (universal app on iOS)
  • OpenFeint integration on iOS

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Be fearless. Face The Grinder. Dash those blades. Become the ultimate Extreme Sports hero. Get Jimmy Pataya now on iPhone and Android!