We make games because we love making people smile – be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh or evil grin.

About us

Paladin is a small independent game studio based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Our goal is to put a smile on people’s faces. To do this, we make worlds and tell stories, and let people take part in them. In other words, we make games. Good games, not crappy ones.

Paladin has been founded in 2005, when freelance programmers Derk de Geus and Dylan Nagel joined forces to build a “kick ass development studio”. The company quickly established itself as a creative development house. Since then, Paladin has successfully completed dozens of projects for a lot of clients.

Apart from client work, we are an independent developer. This means we make our own games and publish them through different channels.

We primarily make games for smartphones and tablets. For our clients, we deliver games for iOS, Android, Facebook, PC, Mac, and other platforms.


Meet Paladin’s Knights of the Round Table, in order of appearance:

Derk de GeusDerk de Geus
Derk has a background in media design and animation. He co-founded Paladin in 2005. As Knight of the Round Table he is responsible for strategy, business development, marketing, and creative direction for Paladin’s games. Derk is curious for everything, and has a silly sense of humor.

Niels van EgmondNiels van Egmond
Niels started as artist, but quickly found his way to shader- and Unity programming. He is a real people manager, and has experience in both the creative and technical challenges of game development.

Jimmy Jimmy de Meza
Our do-it-all veteran artist, Jimmy is a gifted game artist with a passion for all things colorful. He just as easily works on 3D game environments and graphic user interfaces, and then switches to illustration, rigging, animation and texturing. Without so much as blinking.

JudithJudith Bos
Judith is the organizing force in the company. With a get-it-done attitude and a sharp mind, she manages all the nitty-gritty organizational aspects of the company. She seemingly does this without a written to-do list, never forgets a thing, and is cheerful as ever.

jens_150pxJens van de Water
Jens got his master’s degree in Game & Media Technology at the University of Utrecht. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. In his code, he adds as many formulas as possible. He loves to make things complicated. Otherwise he is an extremely regular guy.

ThijsThijs Kooyers
Thijs studied Communication & Multimedia Design-Informatics at the HAN University of Applied Science. A programmer by nature, who loves to write code in his spare time. Preferably while watching series or movies on his second screen.

BenjaminBenjamin Rijsdijk
Benjamin is born and raised in Dordrecht, a city close to Rotterdam where he studied Game Art. Benjamin is the go-to man when it comes to static objects, especially vehicles. Music is his second passion, and he often seizes the opportunity to do some music in our games.

Johannes 1Johannes Zirm
Johannes is the Swiss Army Knife of Paladin. Equipped with useful skills, tools and enthusiasm he knows how to survive in the jungle of game design and product management. A MacGyver kinda guy who embraces both complexity and simplicity. ….. 

SteinStein Damen
Meet the guy who tries to market the beautiful, life-changing and super creative products (try them!) of Paladin. Stein is the ‘marketing-guy’, and is often lovingly referred as ‘the dark side’ by his coworkers. Something he constantly tries to brighten up with puns and jokes.

StephanStephan van der Plaat
He graduated at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, where he studied Communication & Multimedia Design. He’s able to work with a quite diverse set of tools, with a focus on the production of 3D props and interest for aesthetically pleasing.

JonathanJonathan Barbosa Dijkstra
Jonathan studied Game Design at the Utrecht School of Arts. During his time there he worked on many projects, even award winning ones. He joined Paladin as a game designer but quickly grew to take on the mantle of product owner as well. …..

SONY DSCIlona van Oudenaarden
Ilona is an illustrator and 2d artist who especially likes to create cute objects with fresh and bright colors. She’s enthusiastic, likes a good laugh and Japan is her inspiration and playground. …..

GlennGlenn Korver
He’s a 22 year old gameplay programmer, who just started his 4th year of study of International Game Architecture & Design (IGAD) at NHTV University of applied sciences in Breda. Glenn will be with us for 5 months to complete his internship.