It’s PalaJam time!


Game jams are a strong part of our industry and we all love them. But they are not only fun; game jams are awesome for various reasons. First of all, it’s a great opportunity to meet and work with other people. Secondly, time pressure forces you to get things going, without getting lost in details. And last but not least, they take you away from daily business so you can fully focus on ideas for new games. The latter is the main reason for doing our in-house game jam, known als PalaJam.

PalaJams give us the opportunity to completely let go of the games we are currently working on and to come up with fresh news ideas for games we want to work on in the (not too far away) future. You can find out more about the Paladin view on Generating Ideas with Internal Game Jams in the presentation that Derk de Geus gave at Casual Connect, earlier this year.

This week we’ve freed up two days to jam our hearts out. Since two days is a rather short timeframe to come up with a first prototype, we want to hit the ground running. Two weeks prior to jam-week, a dedicated group came up with a few themes. The week after that, everyone at Paladin pitched their game ideas for the various themes. Last weekend, the dedicated team chose nine different pitches as the ideas we are going to use in the PalaJam.

Each Paladin employee gets to assign themselves to the game idea they want to work on, so maybe not all nine games will not be prototyped. During the jam, we will post updates on Twitter and Facebook, so if you want to hear more about the PalaJam, please make sure you follow or like us.

Momonga out now on Windows!

Momonga Pinball Adventures Banner

After the release of Momonga Pinball Adventures for Wii U, the game is now also available on Windows (phone, tablet and PC). For this release we work together with specialized Windows publisher Game Troopers.

DeNA and Paladin Studios release Rob and Roll

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We are proud to reveal a new Paladin project: Rob and Roll, a mobile game developed in close cooperation with publisher DeNA.

Rob and Roll is a whole new way of playing pachinko. Players flick minions into a pachinko level to collect coins. Goal of the game is to defeat the evil King Koin. Players chase him all across Europe with help from heroes like Robin Hood, Joan of Arc and Leonardo da Vinci.

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Momonga Pinball Adventures now available on Wii U

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It took some time, but as of today Momonga Pinball Adventures Wii U is available on Nintendo eShop in Europe and North America. Momonga Pinball Adventures is a unique pinball adventure in which Momo takes on General Kuton and his evil owls. It has all the ingredients of good old action-adventure games, but with flippers.

We started working on Momonga in January 2011. One of our developers had the idea of an “infinite pinball game”, where the player would be able to play endlessly through randomized pinball arenas. The prototype was so much fun that we decided to make it happen and worked on it as a side-project for two years. The concept evolved from an “infinite” game to a level-based adventure game with a storyline and a host of characters.

Vacancies: Unity Developer, Back-end Developer, and Office Manager

We are continuing our growth and are looking for a Unity Developer, Back-end Developer, and an Office Manager!

Check out these vacancies and hop on the Paladin boat!

The latest market research shows an increasing demand for games that make people smile. Okay, okay, there’s no research to back that claim… but we *are* continuing our growth. This means we have 3 vacancies and several internship positions available!

Are you the knight we’re looking for? Want to join an entrepreneurial game studio with a round table, castle walls and a high performance team? Then please check out the vacancies below and drop us a mail at!

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you :)
-Team Paladin

Unity C# Game Developer

The game developer works with the rest of the Scrum team to create the technical parts of the game. They are responsible for making the game work smoothly and bug-free.

Check out the Unity C# Game Developer vacancy on the Paladin website!

Back-end Developer

The Back-end Developer works with the server-side tech team to create the server-side software for new Paladin games.

Check out the Back-end Developer vacancy on the Paladin website!

Office Manager

The Office Manager keeps the organization running smoothly. They are accountable for a variety of tasks – ranging from HR administration to organizing the office space. Their goal is to keep everybody working productively, happily, and without hassles.

Check out the Office Manager vacancy on the Paladin website!